The T2M impact

Titus 2 Ministry continues to grow and make life-changing differences as people heal and grow in their God given identity.

See some of their stories below.

All stories are freely shared.  Some people have asked to remain anonymous.

Regaining her Confidence

"As a corporate president, I was negotiating contracts, overseeing the budget, creating and keeping relationships both in our community in and our industry across the world.  I had strength and confidence.

After some traumatic periods, I lost myself.  I had my head down constantly so nobody would talk to me.  The thought of making a phone call crippled my thinking.  Walking into a meeting would throw me into an anxiety attack.  Fear and anxiety had shattered my confidence.

When I joined A Time to Heal Beyond Survival small group, I felt I didn't belong with the rest of the group because they had all survived so much more than I ever could, and I felt even more weak.  But after a few weeks of being in the group, I suddenly felt like my old self again.  I hold my head higher than I have in years.  I look strangers in the eye and smile as we walk by.  I am able to talk with people in pubic.

That change happened when I really began to understand that those traumas were not part of God's plan for my life.  Now I am living God's plans for me and enjoying life again.

Suzanne B.

Our Global Reach

Executive Director Heather Manges partnered with another ministry to visit the San Pedro Sula Dream Center in Honduras to conduct an inner healing series with our volunteers. We laughed together, cried together, and learned to love and support each other in deeper ways, especially in our small groups. It's powerful when somebody comes in and makes space for people to be honest about what they've been through and when people feel free to ask for healing without shame or judgement. Just like Jesus does for each of us.

Something I've been learning since living here is that honesty is not something to be afraid of-- rather, it simply illuminates what is already there. Only once we're honest about what is happening can we heal or change things. Thank you, Titus 2 Ministry, for ministering to our volunteers and to us!

Lydia T.

One Team Member's Growth

"God continues to stretch my comfortable limits. A while back He took me to Isaiah 61:1 and this weekend He revealed to me how to walk that verse out. I spent the weekend at the Philly Dream Center for a summer missions trip. I was blessed to be able to link arms with other woman who share the same desire and form forever friendships. We laughed, cried, and served together. I wanted God to increase my boldness and dependence on the Holy Spirit, but I got that and much more."

Jessica P.